How to pair Mi Band 1S Pulse with Endomondo?


people were asking what exactly should be done to pair band with Endomondo. Please watch this short movie which will clarify everything.

In case it is not working for You please leave a comment or let me know in any other way.

Assumption is that You have already launched original Xiaomi application and paired and sychronised it from there.


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How to continously measure heart rate using Xiaomi Mi Band 1s and Mi Band 2 in Endomondo?

How to continously measure heart rate in Endomondo?

That was the first question I asked myself after unboxing Xiaomi Mi Band 1s. Short investigation shown there is no such possibility on the market at the moment. I also knew that band can measure heart rate. But not continously. So I decided to build such an app by myself.

It took some time to discover API. It was the hardest part of work.

There is the tutorial on how to connect Xiaomi Mi Band 2 with Endomondo on iOS.

Just follow these simple steps and get Your heart rate measurements in Endomondo:

The next video shows how Mi Heart Rate looked like in January, 2016. It describes the way to connect Xiaomi Mi Band 1s with Endomondo on iOS.

The only thing was obvious: IT WORKS!

Get Mi Heart Rate app from the Apple App Store:


Any feedback is appreciated.

ps: As one MI Heart Rate user noted, it may be Mi Heart Rate measuring heart rate in Endomondo with Mi Band 2 and Mi Band 1snot clear enough, what to do if after following the above steps You still do not Your heart rate in Endomondo in the workout screen.

Just tap on the type of information You see (duration, distance, etc.) and You will get the possibility to choose heart rate data in Your workout info.

Enjoy Your workouts and stay healthy!