How to pair Mi Band 1S Pulse with Runkeeper?

Would You like to connect Mi Band 1S Pulse with Runkeeper? Please see the movie how to achieve that.

In case it is not working for You please leave a comment or let me know in any other way.

You can download it from Apple App Store:


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  1. I bought this app. Tried with runkeeper, endomondo and runtastic on IPhone 6s. It will stop capture HR after sometime. And the green light no longer blinking. Max continuos HR not more than 4 mins. Sometime less than 1 min. So I have to go back to Mi Fit -> Mi Band HR -> running App. Then only the app will continue to get the HR reading. Any fix?

      1. Hi Hubert,
        I tested with both screen lock and unlock. Same result. I test it more detail. Below is the time which the HR stop collect. (Green light stop)
        1st test – 4mins
        2nd test – 55mins
        3rd test – 45mins

        Above result was based on iPhone 6s IOS 9.2.1.

        I got another iPhone 5 with IOS 9.0.2 for test. The result is very good.
        1st test (screen unlock) – more than 5 hours ( I stop it when I woke up)
        2nd – 4th test (screen unlock) – > 1 hour
        5th test (screen lock) – more than 1 hour (still running)

        2nd – 4th test failed were due to I walk more than 3 meters away from the phone. It will disconnect when I walked too far. Best range is less than 1 meter.

        The result shows that either is Bluetooth HW issue on iPhone 6s or the IOS 9.2.1.

  2. Hi There,

    Having some problems with the app. After downloading the app i saw it working in Runkeeper. After the purchase the BPM doesn’t show up in Runkeeper. Tried several times.

  3. Hello Hubert , I buy the application ” My HR ” to use the heart rate sensor my Xaomi My Band 1s in a Iphone 6s Plus , but I have a problem. After activating the continuous monitoring all goes well for a minute , sometimes more , sometimes less , but then a message saying ” Synchronise with My Fit” , I get monitoring is interrupted and to reenable have to open My fit , expect the app to sync and then re-enable monitoring. As you will notice it is very annoying if you are focused on your exercise routine and make the application totally ineffective … Hopefully you can solve for it not to happen this deactivation

  4. hi
    one question,to keep the heart tracking with runtastic,i need to keep the hr app and mi fit app opened?
    how much measueres can get in a minute for example?
    thx in advice

    1. Hello, Vito,
      thanks for the question.
      Mi HR works on MiBand 1s well without MiFit. To work on MiBand 2 at the moment it needs MiFit.
      The amount of measurements each minute depends on the type of the activity, the skin and some other conditions.
      It may vary from 2 to 30 times. These data is not official but experimental.
      If You could specify why You are asking I may answer more precisely.

      1. the measurements were just for my curiosity ^^”
        ok..i bought a mi fit 1s thanks to your advices!
        i need it to track when i do mtb with the runtastic bike app..
        another question,when i wake i must open mi fit app then mi hr right?
        last question,the beta app it’s unstable?cause i’d like to test it if it’s safe to use it!!
        btw thx for all the work!you’re doing a work that makes all other fit band almost useless!!

        1. MiHR on MiBand 1s (iPhone) works without MiFit app, You do not need to open it for MiHR to work. Beta version is absolutely safe. Once You are enrolled to beta tests, You receive the official Apple Store invitation. From then on You can always install the beta version of MiHR app and delete it and install the regular MiHR version. Thanks for good words :)

  5. Hi,
    I really like using your app. It lets me use mi band with runkeeper as a HRM.
    Since your last major update, any activity done while using MI HR is not synced to Mi Fit. For example, if I run with Runkeeper + MI HR and then I will open Mi Fit, I will not the distance in Mi Fit app.
    In addition, if I don’t sync Mi Fit after waking up and before using MI HR, the sleep data we be lost and won’t be available on Mi Fit.


    1. Hello, Ronny,

      thanks for the feedback. Yet, at the moment MiHR app does not work with MiFit on iOS. New MiHR version that is available in beta tests works with MiFit app.
      If You would like to join our beta tester team and check this new version, please let us know Your Apple Store e-mail at and we will enroll You.
      We hope that this new MiHR version will be officially available in Apple Store in a week or two.

  6. Hi there, the latest version 4.07.2016 stopped working with the 1s.
    When is start the app it is „Looking for known Mi Band” forever but the BT-connection is establish and the Mi Band vibrates. Clicking on „Settings” and then on „Heart rate” again lets me start the mesurement. Sometimes it works for a couple of minutes but not as reliable as it used to be. I feel the band vibrating time and time again.
    The version before 4.02.2016 was working better.

    I’m using an iPhone 5s with 9.3.2. Restarted the phone several times.

          1. beta version of MiHR is not the regular one. Being a beta tester is the possibility to test new functions of the app (now it is stable work on iPhone and good connection to Apple Health). I cannot say that it is unstable. You may check Yourself. Just let us know Your Apple Store e-mail at and we will enroll You (You do not have to use it, You may delete it whenever You wish). You may wait for about a week and this version will be available in Apple Store. You may download the current regular version of MiHR and You will receive the notification that there is new version when it is issued. Each of them measure Your heart rate. You are welcomed! :)

      1. Having the same exact problems,only for me doesnt even start measuring and if i open another app it disconnects bt

  7. Hi
    I have a problem. I got a mi fit 1s,iPhone 6s lastest updates and hr. I got premium for using with roadbike runtastic but after getting connected i press start,mi fit send vibration and then hr stays 0.
    If i open another app i see the Bluetooth icon getting lighter from the black it was before like it’s disconnected.
    How can i Solve it?

  8. UPDATE 2
    now it seems to work all fine!i don’t know why or how it started all..
    one thing,in the hr settings in runtastic u must keep all off apart from bluetooth smart!at least for me worked that way

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