How to connect Xiaomi Mi Band 1S and Mi Band 2 to Apple Health App – details


In order to connect Xiaomi Mi Band 1S and Xiaomi Mi Band 2 to the Apple Health app and transfer the results of continuous monitoring of Your heart rate to the Apple Health do these steps:

1. Start Mi Heart Rate app and measure Your heart rate (bpm) for few seconds.
2. Connect to Apple Health app in settings of Mi Heart Rate app.
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3. Go to Apple Health App.
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4. In Sources (Apple Health App) allow HR app to write data on heart rate.
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5. Get Your heart rate data in Apple Health App.
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You can get Mi Heart Rate app from the Apple Appstore.

You do not need official Xiaomi Mi Fit app for this.

Let me know if that worked for You in the comments below or at

Enjoy Mi Heart Rate app!


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      1. Ah 9.3 – I didn’t test there yet. You are the second person with 9.3 who has issues. Will make 9.3 tests in the upcoming days. Sorry for unconvienance.

  1. it doesn’t work on the latest apple ios release, my iphone is a 6 and the firmware of the mi pulse is latest. the monitoring simply would not show up in health and, when stopped, it keeps flashing on the band look for the beat

  2. Hi, I’m trying using the app for ios version free . I was able to configure Strava , but I did not succeed with HEALTH IOS . Iphone 6s with ios 9.2.1.

    1. Hello Antonio,

      it definatelly should work in Your configuration. I shoot You an email with my Skype details. Let’s try to solve it together.

  3. hello, I’m using your app for some time. It’s very good, does what it promises, congratulations for the good work. I’m on iPhone 6 iOS 9.3. Can you give a time frame for when the app will be updated with the new features?

    1. Hello Scooby,

      great to hear it is usefull for You. The next version is under Apple review at the moment. I expect it to be approved today / tomorrow. Unless they will not like something 😉

      In the meantime I am working on the new features which should see the sun in around 2 weeks.

  4. Hi
    I bought you app to measure continually my heart rate, but I have an iPhone 4s running 9.2 iOS, how can I integrante your app with any App that will show heart rate history, I understand apple healt integration only works with iPhone 5s or superior, right?
    Please help.
    Kind Regards

    1. Hello,

      I tested Apple Health also on 4s and iOS 8 and it worked. You must follow the steps and additionally reboot afterwards. It must work. If You will not manage to do it please shoot me an email and we will figure it out

  5. iphone 5s 9.2.1 it’s dosn work ((
    in the application Health App it is necessary to specify the data source mi hr (there are no this option) ?

  6. Hi Great work however I have it working but the band seems to vibrate a lot meaning it is not reading Heartrate are you able to fix this? I paid for the unlimited monitoring

    1. Hello,

      You can turn it off using „Vibrate no bpm” switch. When band is not measuring it is the band itself – I have no influence on that :-(

  7. Hello,

    I bought the app to measure continually the HR, but it doesnt work with the Apple health app. I have an iPhone 6s with iOS 9.3.1.

    Can you help me please?

  8. Hello.
    I bought your app, but I don’t see Mi HR in the Health’s app sources.
    I tried to follow the steps – nothing changed.
    iPhone 5s, iOS 9.3.1

    So, now I have not any history of my pulse measure.

    1. Hello Alexander,

      We already talk about it through the support. Please try to restart the phone after strictly following procedure.

      And I can add You to the beta testing group.

    2. My was with same problem.
      I had measured a few time using MI Fit App, which history was kept by Apple health. Before following all described steps, I have deleted all previous data on Apple Health Pulse.
      Hope it helps.

  9. Hi,
    I am not able to sync the mi band 1S to have the steps in Health app…
    The sleep and heart rate is shown but the steps are not taken into account :-(
    It is also not shown in the devices list…I can see there only iPhone

    Thank you for your help, Jana.

  10. hi. i stickly followed the step, and with and without restart the device. there is not shown mi device at health source. but for endomodo it worked perfectly.
    iphone6, ios 9.3.2

  11. will it work with Mi Band 2 ?
    I am using 5S with 9.3.2. When I tried connect with Mi Band 2 , All I got is green screen for a second then your software just close down.

  12. Update on 21 July. ios 9.3.1 no connection with apple health. I made according to the instructions from this site. My email: youbizz.rus @ gmail. com

  13. Hi Hubert,

    I just upgraded from mi band 1s to mi band 2 and I no longer can feed live heart rate from MI HR app to Health app and further to Nike+Running app on iOS 9.3.2, iPhone 5.

    I strictly tried instructions on pages:

    But it does not work.

    On „6. Bluetooth on, waiting to connect” – mi band 2 does not connect on this step. Restarting does not help.

    The problem seems to be related the fact that Mi Band 2 does not appear in the list of source devices in Health app, unlike mi band s1. I also noticed that, unlike mi band 1s, mi band 2 does not appear in the list of My Devices in iOS Bluetooth settings WHEN native „Mi Fit” app is off/closed. Also I figured that mi band 2 cannot be found by iOS when searching for bluetooth devices – iPhone just does not detect mi band 2, „Mi Fit” is only the way to detect and pair with mi band 2.

    Please advice how to feed live HR to Health and Nike+Running apps.


    1. Hello, Denis,
      thanks for Your interest in MiHR app and for finding the way to connect in to Nike+Running app.
      It is important that Your experience is shared among other uses.
      Regarding Your question: we are working on good Apple Health connection.
      We will inform You when it is done.

  14. Hi,

    Just got Mi Band 2, paired with iPhone 6s running iOS 9.3.4. Continuous HR works in MI HR but will not sync data to Apple Health. Apple Health does get data from Mi Fit for manual HR check though.

    So I paid for Premium to get continuous HR but it is useless for me because I cannot get the data in Apple Health when I go for exercise.

    Hopefully you will be able to make that work soon.


  15. Hi Hubert,
    I would love to buy the premium version if sync of continuous HR with Iphone 5S 9.3.4 mi band 2 and apple health would work.
    Please keep me posted about the fix.


  16. hello
    i`v added your premium app to ios device iphone 6s ios 10.1 with mi band 2

    is there a way to change in the continuous the sampling time , or a scheduler ?

    To check the heart rate just when you sleep and not every second like on the android app

    1. Hello, Thorvald,
      thanks for supporting MiHR.
      The possibility to measure Your heart rate at the selected by You frequency on iPhone is on the feature list.
      I will let You know there when it is possible.
      do You mean by changing the sampling or schedule time the above possibility to set measurement frequency?
      I would also ask You to let me know how You use MiHR at
      Thanks in advance!

      1. Hello
        Thank you for the response
        Schedule time = start/stop time to check for you heart rate (when you go to sleep or period of the day you want to check )
        sampling = frequency ,good news that it is in the feature list

        I start the mifit app to connect the device to the iphone (without this step there is no connection)
        i start the mihr and send a vibration alert to check the connectivity .
        There is a issue , when i press start for the first time there is a value O (zero) that is added to the health up (you have to search and delete it to see the correct values(high and low))
        It should not send invalid values (this happens also after about 5h of hr test) , they are the values that the band sends (incorrect reading )
        i think that there is high variation in the miband hardware to use it for intensive activity.
        After 9h of hr the band drooped 16% of battery life


        1. thanks for the feedback. Did I understand You correctly: „schedule time” – You mean the possibility to set the time when You wish the measurement to take place (e.g. in 2 hours)? The possibility not to have abviously incorrect hr data in health app is on the feature list. If You have future comments, let me know.

          1. Hello
            Sorry for the delay
            Until now no crash it works well

            The scheduled time is for lazy people like myself
            For example i want to check the hr when i sleep to start at 2AM and stop at 7AM every day

            Something else , if i go away from the phone and the connection is lost is there a way to reconnect automatically .
            In the night i went to drink a glass of water and if i m not taking the phone with me , the connection will be lost and no data will be added to the app .

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