How to continuously measure heart rate with Mi Band 1S and Mi Heart Rate app on Android – redesign

We just applied the first step of redesign to the Android version of the app. Please let me know what do You think about it.

Mi Heart Rate be fit app is available in the Google Play Store for free.

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11 myśli na temat “How to continuously measure heart rate with Mi Band 1S and Mi Heart Rate app on Android – redesign”

  1. Hi!

    I have downloaded the last version from Google Play.
    The HR PRO button crash the App.
    Now i have the free (only 10 min.).
    But the App don’t connect the band.

    With the past version all work GREAT.

    Go haead with your App, is amazing!


    1. Hello Jurozzo,

      Do You still have issuea in the latest version of the App? You should be able to recover paid options.

      Let me know about details so I can fix it for You.

  2. Hi,
    I have solved all my problem.
    Uninstalled and re-installed Mihr and pro is automatically accepted.

    Unpaired Mi band on Mi Fit and re-paired, synthe and continuos mesuration full work.


    1. ps: if I could ask You what would You like to see in RunnerUp from MiHR? How do You use these app? only for running? I am asking because I am interested whether Your aims could be reached only with MiHR (supposingly in connection with other apps).

  3. Hi, I am having trouble getting it to work. I have upgraded to the pro version. the green lights are on when I am charging the device. But as soon as remove the device from the charger, they go out. And then, occasionally, they blink on and then off VERY quickly. They do not stay on. Any thoughts on what could be the issue?

    1. some more questions: I suppose that it is MiBand 1s and its battery is charged. Are You able to connect it to MiHR and send vibration after charging? Are You able to connect it to MiFit and to measure Your heart rate there after charging? Thanks in advance for teh responses!

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