How to continously measure heart rate using Xiaomi Mi Band 1s/ Mi Band 2 in Strava?

As I already wrote in article How to continously measure heart rate using MI Band 1S in Endomondo my initial idea was to use the band for myself in Endomondo. But as I started to share with others it turns out that people would like to use it with other fitness trackers.

This is why I decided to give it a try in Strava. And I found out that… IT WORKS!

There is the tutorial on how to connect Xiaomi Mi Band 2 with Strava on iOS.

Just follow these simple steps and get Your heart rate measurements in Strava (the video was made with Mi Band 2):

… and it works with Mi Band 1s as well (it is shown on previous orange Mi Heart Rate version):

In order to do that just get Mi Heart Rate be fit app from the Store:


Get it on Google Play

Use Mi Heart Rate app and be fit!

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  1. Hello,
    Thank you for this app, which is a key function missing on the MiFit!
    Do you plan to offer an intermittent heart rate measurement i.e. at a fixed time interval e.g. every 15 minutes?
    With my best regards, Vincent

    1. Hello Vincent,

      new version of the app is already in the appstore. It does support real continous measurement. In terms of definded interval it is on the features list and should be available in the upcoming weeks. The point is that it would be good not only to measure but also to store this data and show on some kind of graph. Or show alert with result. Lot’s of possible options.

      Which one You would be interested in? System alert or graph with measurment history?

      Best regards,

      1. Dear Hubert

        Hope you’re doing well

        I just purchased your ami Heart rate app unlimited version my email address is from AppStore

        My IOS version is 9.0.2 so once the app is downloaded I try to open it and it keeps shutting off or crashes

        I can’t get it to open bro the free version any how was working fine once I purchased the app from AppStore poof the problem started

        App keeps crashing I tried opening it in safe mode is well but no luck please fix as soon as possible or respond to this email

        Nice application and will support it in future as well

        Regards Ahsin

        1. Hello Ahsin,

          I am really sorry for that. I am trying to fix this problem. I have added You for beta testing. Hope that helps with crashing.

      2. Hallo,
        Thanks for the good app,
        Also for me good optional were:
        – interval between measurement,
        – graph of reading data,
        – storing data in health ( i have ios 8.4 italian localized iPhone 5 jb and cannot read the heart rate).
        Best regards Franco

        1. Hello Franco,

          thank You very much for Your support and good feedback. All the features You mentioned are on top of the list. Apple Health integration should actually work. I have few requests with this problem but didn’t manage to fix it yet. I hope to have good news soon.

          If You would like to join beta testing please shoot me an email

  2. Greetings! I’m trying to use this app with Strava to track my heart rate during cycling trainings. But every time data from Mi Band stops sending after few minutes (I have purchased unlimited monitoring). After relaunching Mi Fit heart rate monitoring became available once again. Few days ago I upgraded MI HR to 1.2.4. I thought that in this version Mi Fit will be needed no more. But now when I choose start in Mi HR nothing happens. Heart rate monitoring don’t work.
    I’m using iPhone 5. Public beta 9.3.3. Any ideas how I can fix my issue?

  3. Hi,

    Thank you for your App. It’s working on my IPhone 6, however a bit desapointed that it does not store the data to the IPhone Health App.

  4. Hi there thanks for the app. I’m using it for tracking heart rate on Strava on iOS during mountain biking but both times I’ve used it the HR only reads for half the ride then Strava shows a flat line. I’ve done this twice for 1 hour rides and once the HR lasted 47 min then went flat at 140 bpm and the other time it lasted 28 min and went flat at 81 bpm. I’m not sure if this is your app or Mi Fit or Strava or the connection. The phone is always a metre or less from the band so connection should not be a problem. Any ideas on how to fix?

      1. Yes it is a MiBand 1S (and sorry for the delay in response). I have used it many times since my original post and it seems to be better (i.e. more reliable) although I still have moments when Strava gets a static number for the end of the ride. I believe it is the iPhone 5S – MiBand 1S connection rather than your app. It seems to do better when both devices are on the same side of the body (i.e. left shorts pocket and left wrist) but that only gets them maybe 30 cm closer so I’m not sure about that. I will continue to test and write back with any learnings.

        1. Thanks for the response and good news. I do not think that such a small difference in distance between iPhone and MiBand 1s is important, but You never know. It is good if it helps. Yes, please keep me informed whether anything changes.

  5. Здравствуйте!
    Планируется ли добавить измерение пульса в Strava на Android? И если планируется, то когда?

    1. Здравствуйте, Дмитрий!
      Спасибо за вопрос. Планируется, только поскольку это связано с одним трудноразрешимым техническим вопросом, не могу сказать, когда это будет возможно.
      как только разрешим этот вопрос – дам знать!

  6. Hi,
    can you take a look if it’s possible to use the Mi Band 2 with Strava on Android? I can only find information regarding iOS.


    1. Hello, Dat,
      unfortunately, at the moment Mi Heart Rate can export heart rate data into Strava only at iOS (not at Android phones).
      If You have any future issues do not hesitate to drop me a line.

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