Mi Heart Rate – be fit app

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The Mi Heart Rate – be fit app works with Mi Band 1s and Mi Band 2:

on iPhone: on Android:
continuously measures Your heart rate + +
measures Your heart rate at set frequency (e.g., every 5 min.) upcoming +
helps to train in a target heart rate zone(important for fat burn and muscle development trainings) + +
works with fitness trackers, apps Endomondo (MiBand 1s и Miband 2), StravaRunkeeper, RuntasticNike+Running and Apple Health Endomondo (MiBand 1s и Miband 2), RuntasticNike+RunningSports Tracker (Mi Band 1s) and Google Fit
new! GeoAlarm upcoming                  +                    (premium option)
smart alarm only at MiBand 1s       (premium option) upcoming
measures the number of steps per minute (cadence – important during workouts) and shows graphs upcoming +
graphs of heart rate + +
heart rate alarm + +
helps be awake (awake assistance) +

en-play-badgeMore information can be found there.

Please vote in the comments below on the MiHR features:
– You enjoy the most,
– You find the most useful,
– You would like us to develop.

I would ask You to point out, whether You use iPhone or Android; MiBand 1s or MiBand 2 and beta or regular version of MiHR.

The results of this enquiry will be summed up, published and used for MiHR development.

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    1. Hello, Pavel, thanks for Your interest in MiHR and for supporting its development.
      If You are interested in MiHR usage if it works, please let me know at support@mimhr.com, do You use MiBand 1s or MiBand 2, iPhone or Android and what is happening when You try to open MiHR.
      Of course, we can refund Your money back at any time. Just let me know transaction id and we can do it.

  1. Thank you for your work!
    MiHR is a nice application costing very low for runners considering for cheaper alternatives than regular runner gadgets.

    Anyway, I found a problem when installing this application in iPad, with iOS version 9.3.4(13G35). It seems to not working as usual as in iPhone. When the app starts, it keeps looking for Mi Band for very long time without stopping.

    Please fix this bug.

    Thank you,

    1. thank You for good words and for the info.
      do You use MiBand 1s or MiBand 2?
      did I understand You correctly: MiHR does not measure Your heart rate on iPad at all?
      let me know whether You have selected Your MiBand as it is shown in the beginning of this video (even though it is from Android, the idea is the same: You should tap on Your MiBand after clicking on connect and on the window (or pannel) that appears):

  2. Hello.
    Could you tell, how is measurement frequency working. Is it function just for Pro version or not ?
    For example, set 5min interval, what shall I do further ? If i tap start at „heart rate” – its measure every second.

    1. Hello, Max,
      thanks for the question. This function works on free version as well.
      I suppose that You have Android. If yes, you just should choose the interval (e.g. 5 min.) in settings and press ok.
      The measurement should start. Please let me know whether it worked.

  3. Hey,
    great app.
    – I mainly use it for Smart Alarm and with runkeeper

    Please make alle the android features available for iPhone especially, the graphs, set frequency, …

    I mainly use runkeeper but I may use other apps as well.

    iPhone SE ios 9.3.3. (Jailbreak)

    1. Hello, Morris,
      thanks for the good words and for the feedback!
      graphs are now in beta version of MiHR and soon will be available in regular version for iPhone.
      Measurement frequency is one of our priorities for iPhone. Hope we will make it possible in a month or two.

  4. Hi,

    – I mostly use the continuous heart measurement for running or cycling.
    – Smart alarm for Android would be cool and helpful if it works without permanent bluetooth connection.
    – The most wanted feature of me is off course heart rate measurement for Runtastic on Android. I hope you can get it to work someday 😉

    Other features I would like:
    – Editing and exporting heart rate and cadence data
    – If i look at the history of a continuous measurement, I would like to see the selected measurement in the graph.

    Best regards,

  5. Hello Morris,
    I would like to connect my Mi band 2 with an iPad. Mi Fit is already installed and connected. At opening the Mi HR App it is looking for (infinte?) time for a connected Mi band, but not finding one. Tapping on the band does not help. If I tap on „connect new Mi band” the App closes in a blink of an eye? How can I connect the band with the App Mi HR?

      1. hi

        using ios 10 final beta.

        mimhr is working almost fine. there is no posibility to setup age in heart rate zones. app just clouse itself.

        is there any plan to monitor hr not constantly but instead in time intervals? eg every 5 minutes.

  6. Mam propozycję dodania analizy snu podczas dnia. Sama aplikacja MiFit nie ma opcji przełączenia właśnie taki tryb. Pracuję tylko w nocy i co za tym idzie MiFit nie analizuje mojego snu podczas dnia. Jak miałoby to działać? Może na zasadzie ręcznego ustawienia w aplikacji przedziału czasowego w którym analiza ta będzie dokonywana przez MiBand2?

    Oczywiście przyda się również synchronizacja z aplikacją Zdrowie.


  7. I have just downloaded your app (Android 5.1.1 on Samsung Galaxy A3 2016) with a MiBand 2. The app initially connected to the band and did the first 2 HR readings (at 5 min intervals) but the connection to the band drops all the time, and send vibration does not seem to work at all.

    What does „free version works for 10 minutes” mean? I want to make sure the app works correctly before paying for the premium.

    Thanks for your help- I think it’s a great app idea and I really want it to work!

    1. Hello, Jamie,
      thanks for good words and for Your interest in MiHR.
      at the moment MiHR on Android and MiBand 2 needs MiFit app to work all the time of MiHR work.
      so I would suggest You to run MiFit, connect Your MiBand 2 in it and then without switching of MiFit to run MiHR.
      Is should work well.
      please let me know whether it helped.
      according to 10-min free version – it means that You are able to measure Your heart rate continuously during 10 min and then You should press teh start button once more.
      if You have any future questions, please let me know.

  8. Hi, I tried to use your App on iOs10 and Mi Band 2 but it keeps showing „0bmp” until I switch on heart measure on the band. Then it doesn’t show any other value.

    1. Hello, Maciesse,

      thank You for the interest in MiHR and for the question.

      At the moment MiHR needs MiFit app to work well on MiBand 2.

      Therefore, You may choose two options:

      – You may run MiFit, connect Your MiBand 2 in it, then without switching it off run MiHR and connect Your MiBand 2 in it and measure Your heart rate in MiHR (MiFit is running) or

      – You may follow these steps: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Fi-NlLVYlS0

      Please let me know, whether it helped.

  9. Hi. As we talked on twitter, it would be great to have a frequency for measurements, but as I can see you will add it soon, that’s great! Other things to improve could be:
    * Better heart rate measurement: it can’t measure higher heart rates and sometimes even lower heart rates are not correct
    * Sometimes it reads a zero value, I think values below 30 could be ignored (unless you are dead in which case it doesn’t matter, hehe)
    * Regular and Smart alarms still don’t work on iPhone with Mi Band 2

    Besides that this app is great and adds lots of value to my band, thank you!!

    1. Hello, Juanjo,
      thank You for Your ideas and for good words.
      Yes, hopefully we will manage to make MiBand 2 ready high hr data well and support smart alarm. Ignoring very low hr is on the feature list.
      If You have any new ideas, please let me know.

  10. Благодарю за приложение.
    Тот факт что можно пользоваться данным браслет mi band 1s и измерять непрерывно пульс – радует!

    Единственное, что мне на данный момент не хватает, это параллельного с пульсометром секундомера и таймера, для отслеживания время тренировки над каждым упражнением и как следствие, сохранением статистики работы в режиме тренировки.
    Если появится возможность добавьте, буду рад.

    1. Приветсвую!
      Спасибо за добрые слова и за идею. Правильно ли Вас поняла:
      Вы хотели бы, что б приложение одновременно с пульсом меряло время тренировок и потом можно было это смотреть?
      Хотела бы уточнить: ведь когда Вы видите Ваш пульс на графике, Вы видете также время, когда он был измерен.
      Этого мало? Вы бы хотели чтоб были добавлены секунды? Или хотели бы видеть не время замера, а на какой минуте и секунде тренировки какой был пульс?
      Как бы Вы хотели, чтоб работал таймер?
      Заранее благодарю за ответы!

    1. Hi, Tatsuya,
      thanks for the feedback and for expressing Your willingness. It is at the feature list.
      I will let You know once we manage to implement that.
      If You have any future issues or ideas regarding Mi Heart Rate, do not hesitate to let me know!

    1. Hi, Martin,
      thanks for the question. Measurement frequency is at the feature list.
      It is hard to predict when we can implement it. yes, of course, I will let You know once we do that.
      If You have any future issues or ideas regarding Mi Heart Rate, let me know.

  11. Hello
    I upgrade Mi HR to premium version (with 0,99Eur) and now when i start the app crash.
    Who can i solve that?

    1. Hello, Jan,
      thank You for the interest in Mi Heart Rate and for supporting its development.
      do You use MiBand 1s or MiBand 2?
      iOS or Android, which system?
      please try to clear cache data, reinstall Mi Heart Rate and reboot Your phone.
      let me know whether it helped.

  12. Hi, I just purchased the app Premium version on iPhone 7. It connects to my Mi Band 2 and continues measuring HR. But now my Mi Fit app cannot connect to it. How do I disconnect from Mi HR? Can I connect both of them at the same time? Also I tried to upgrade the firmware, and both versions stuck at 99%. What does that mean?

    1. Hi, Wayne! Thank You for the interest in Mi HR and for supporting its development.
      Which Mi Band 2 firmware do You have now (You can check it in Mi Fit app)?
      Did You also try firmware versions Did it also stuck?
      Mi HR is absolutely independant from Mi Fit app and it should not interfere with its work.
      Please try them once more and let me know about the result.

  13. Native Xiaomi Mi Band Software sucks! Your App the most correctly measures the pulse. Nice job and Thanx! Greets from Moscow ;

    1. Hi, Edman! Many thanks for the positive feedback. We’re glad You are satisfied with the app!
      More info on Mi Heart Rate You can find here, at our blog.
      If You have any issues or ideas regarding Mi Heart Rate development, do not hesitate to drop me a line at support@mimhr.com (in Russian as well :-) Thanks!

  14. Hi I just came across your app a couple of days ago. I am using Mi Band 2 and I’m having problem with HR. It kind works on my wife’s arm but not on mine. I have read on redit that a firmware downgrade fixes the problem. The current firmware is Do think this would work, if I do the inapp purchase for the premium service to get the firmware from you?
    Thanks for your help.

    1. Hello, Maedot,
      thanks for the question. Yes, in iOS version of Mi HR there is a possibility to downgrade Mi Band 2 firmware.
      Could You provide me with more info: how the problem with hr measuring looks like and why (as You think) it occurs.
      You may write here or at support@mimhr.com.

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