For willing to make one’s workout more effective

how much speedYou like going in for sports, You already experienced the pleasure of quick evening jogging and enjoyed feeling Yourself strong and healthy after a series of workouts. You have already chosen healthy life-style and everyday physical activity is important part of Your life. What can be done more to be healthy and sporty?

The truth is that different sport activities are not equal in terms of improving Your respiratory and cardiovascular system. How to use Your workout time effectively?

By determining Your maximum and target heart rate zone, tracking Your heart rate during trainings and staying in the aerobic (cardio) trainings zone.

You may check Your heart rate using the palpation method: putting fingers on Your wrist or neck. You may also use the modern technology to help You.

Chinese company Xiaomi developed good moderate priced fitness bands – MiBand 1s and MiBand 2. Using Mi Heart Rate app You can track Your heart rate during Your workouts comfortably and easily. bodyYou just should download and switch on MiHR app, tap the start button and You may be concentrated on Your training, on Your breath, on surrounding nature or city landscape. MiHR app tracks Your heart rate and informs You whether You Your heart rate is too low or too high.

Invest in Your health and You will love the results!


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