How to start running – the real answer!


How to start running

Well, as You are reading this article, I assume that You want to know how to start running. Rather than asking how I would encourage You to ask why.

If a person is motivated enough, he or she will find ways to achieve one’s goal. A hungry person just goes and gets the food. The Internet is full of running tips and different tutorials for beginners and professionals. Tutorials on best way to select shoes for running, on the best time and duration of exercises, on the best way to conduct pre-performance routine, on the best kind of food You can eat before and after going in for sports and even on motivation to running. You can know how running improves Your stamina and changes Your body. Some articles are dedicated to different situations. They explain how to start running when you have never run, after having a baby, when you are fat, unfit and overweight. They suggest how to run easier, better, faster and longer and even how to love running. These tips may be very useful in terms of effective running and getting in shape.

I am not going to do all this staff that have been already done. Being a bit controversial I would ask You “Why?”. Why do You wish to start running? I assume that You may feel pressure of the society: You have to be fit. I suppose You may worry about Your health. I guess You may wish to feel strong and attractive. I believe that You are looking for relax and pleasant impressions that You can gain during running… A man running from 5 till 6 am in summer and from 6 till 7 am in the winter each morning… A man running in the sunlight and in the rain, in the forest and in the heart of the big city… It’s impressive! A man struggling with internal and external obstacles and still running even though his friends do not support him… even though he has a strong desire to lie down and to eat the tenth cake… Or sleep… Or anything. But he is running despite everything and thanks to everything. It’s impressive!

But! There is hundreds of thousands ways to be impressive. Personal development, job, relations – everybody can find a niche for self-actualization that is the best for him or her. There is endlessness of ways to realize one’s full potential.

So, why running, why health, why fitness? Why now?

running manWhile You are thinking about this question, I would encourage You to measure Your heart rate and not to wait until it is too high, but to run now and try to stay in a target heart rate zone. Stay healthy, amigo! Take care of Your heart – it is the one!


For beginners in sports

unsureCongratulations! You decided to take more care of Your health, to try something new, to become more conscious of Your body, to spend more time with Yourself and maybe with other people in new sporty circumstances, to do something pleasant and healthy.

How to do it well? Where is the border between too light and too vigorous training? Between being too tired, being bored and feeling creative tiredness which ensures You that You spent Your workout time productively, that You have enough strength to continue Your day, that You became healthier and stronger?

Which sport aims help You to develop Yourself physically and mentally and which extensively fatigue You and which relax You making You rather rest than train during workouts?

There are different ways to answer these important especially for beginners questions. You may ask Your trainer or more experienced colleagues for a piece of advice. You may adopt practices of other people or even sportsmen. You may develop Your knowledge on the issue and try to use it in practice. You may learn how to listen to Your body (tiredness, excitement, willingness to continue or to stop).

One of the most scientifically based methods is measuring Your heart rate continuously during workouts. You can easily determine Your heart rate zones (such as maximal, resting, aerobic, anaerobic etc. heart rate) and check in which heart rate zone You are.

Prevent overtraining and overfatigueMiHR

In this way You will avoid such usual mistakes of the beginners that are willing to quickly become healthier and stronger and spend too much time in maximum heart rate zone and are constantly exhausted, angry and even may injure themselves. You will not feel frustration due to the fact that the trainings do not make a difference because they are too light.

By monitoring your exercise intensity with your HRM, you can see if your workout is vigorous enough to make a differenceMiHR

Some people naturally tend to be more ambitious, some prefer easy and free conditions. Even knowing one’s habits and willing to do the opposite it is not difficult to make a mistake – to overstrain oneself or underfulfil the rational aims.

The impartial numbers of Your heart rate zones can be good advisers how to spend Your training time, which aims to pursue, how actively to move.

To know more about Your heart rate zones read short article.

Stay healthy and safe during your workout by managing high heart ratesMiHR


For having heart condition


Our health may need special attention in some fields. It may be our heart that asks us to consult with cardiologist, to be aware of our heart’s condition, to check the heartbeat throughout the day, to take some actions if it is too high. Of course each person still needs to do exercises, to train one’s body. People having heart condition should train their body with due caution, which suggests tracking their heart rate during workouts.

Sometimes being aware of one’s every day heart rate and making every effort to normalize it may be very important investment.

Unfortunately, not everybody is aware of it and according to a recent oldmanresearch (Norway) for every 10-beat rise in resting heart rate, the risk of dying from a heart attack rose by 18 percent in women and by 10 percent in men.

Your heart is one. It is worth Your attention.

How to determine Your heart rate zones

Different ways may lead to the same place. Similarly You can determine Your heart rate zones differently.

Firstly You can count Your maximum heart rate. Just subtract Your age from 220. For example if You are 50, Your maximum heart rate is 220 – 50 = 170 beats per minute.

There is the table presented by American Heart Association

Age Target HR Zone 50-85% Average Maximum Heart Rate, 100%
20 years 100-170 beats per minute 200 beats per minute
30 years 95-162 beats per minute 190 beats per minute
35 years 93-157 beats per minute 185 beats per minute
40 years 90-153 beats per minute 180 beats per minute
45 years 88-149 beats per minute 175 beats per minute
50 years 85-145 beats per minute 170 beats per minute
55 years 83-140 beats per minute 165 beats per minute
60 years 80-136 beats per minute 160 beats per minute
65 years 78-132 beats per minute 155 beats per minute
70 years 75-128 beats per minute 150 beats per minute

Secondly You may check Your maximum heart rate by the following test. It is quite exhausting. If You are not sure about Your health condition, please consult it with Your doctor.

You should be rested and recovered. Please spend 15 minutes warming up. During the first third of this time Your training should be very light. The next two thirds should be more intensive, but the effort should still be moderate. Then for about two minutes or less make maximum physical efforts You can. You should try to reach the limit of Your exercise tolerance (being careful of course). During these time of maximum efforts You should measure Your heart rate. Then add five points to the maximum received number. This is Your maximum heart rate, which is needed to define Your target heart rate. The latter depends on the aim You pursue during Your workouts.

There are two main types of workouts for people not being a professional sportsmen: aerobic (cardio) and weight control (fat burn) trainings.

Aerobic (cardio) trainings (70-80% of maximum heart rate) improve person’s endurance, strengthen respiratory and cardiovascular system, develop one’s muscles.

Weight control (fat burn) training should be at 65-70% of Your maximum heart rate and starts after 20-40 minutes of Your training. During it Your body metabolizes fat as a fuel source. The best way to lose one’s weight is to train in this heart rate zone.

In order to define the heart rate for aerobic (cardio) training You should multiply Your maximum heart rate received in the first or second way (above) by 0.7 or 0.8. More information can be found there.

To find out which is Your heart rate during weight control (fat burn) training please multiply Your maximum heart rate by 0.65 or 0.69. More information can be found there.

In the beginning You should avoid anaerobic (hardcore) training zone (80-90% of Your maximum heart rate), since your body removes lactic acid slower than produces it and You may feel pain in Your muscles some time after training.

If You train in Your target heart rate zone for a period of time You become familiar with the effort You should take in order to be in this zone.

As You can see, checking Your heart rate during Your trainings is really beneficial.

Heart rate zones can be also easily checked in MiHR app downloaded from:

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More information at:


Mi Band smart alarm on iPhone (MiBand 1s)

how to wake up feeling good


Using sleep patterns smart alarm can be beneficial for You.

So how it works.

The best time to wake up.

When You are in a light sleep, waking up is rather easy and comfortable. It is the best stage to leave the bed and start being active. How to do it? How to know at which stage of sleep cycle You are and how to use this information to be cheerful and fresh in the morning?

The answer is tracking Your heart rate with the MiHR app and MiBand 1s and letting smart alarm to wake You up when You wish and when You are in a light sleep.

In other words the MiHR app will measure Your heart rate 30 minutes before the set alarm. It will wake You up when Your heart rate indicates that Your sleep is light. If You do not have light sleep during that time, MiHR app will wake You up at the time You have chosen.

Therefore You just:

  • buy MiBand 1s, download MiHR app:


  • set the time You need to wake up and
  • sleep being sure the MiHR will help You to awake in the most appropriate moment.

Smart alarm

MiBand 2: will it show correct heart rate data?

EDIT: Great news regarding high heart rate measuring by Mi Heart Rate app on Mi Band 2: now it works without problems. Please check it and let me know about the results in the comments below!

We have added support for Mi Band 2 in our Mi Heart Rate app.

The team of volunteer beta testers helped to found out that Mi HR app works with MiBand 2 well. Suddenly one of them, Radek H., explored that no matter how much he run or jumped the monitor shown no higher numbers than 110 bpm. Using his training experience he believed that the training was intensive (about 141 bpm average). “That is definitely wrong measuring – conclude the beta-tester”.

This conclusion was confirmed by the measurement during other runner’s workout. The results of Mi HR’s work on MiBand 2 were compared to the results gained in Mi HR app on Mi Band 1s. The attached results clearly show that beta tester’s suggestion is right:

Mi HR results on MiBand 2
Mi HR results on MiBand 2
Mi HR results on Mi Band 1s
Mi HR results on Mi Band 1s

The question arose if it is caused by wrong app’s algorithm and consequently could and should be corrected or the problem is in MiBand 2 itself and it is impossible to use it for checking Your heart rate during doing sports. The question still needs answer.

Mi HR support team looks for it and will inform You about any progress.

If You are interested to join testing Mi HR app on MiBand 2, please drop us a line at:

Please, let us know, whether You experienced the same problems with MiBand 2.

Download the app and help us with the fix!


Get it on Google Play

How to pair Mi Band 1S Pulse with Endomondo?


people were asking what exactly should be done to pair band with Endomondo. Please watch this short movie which will clarify everything.

In case it is not working for You please leave a comment or let me know in any other way.

Assumption is that You have already launched original Xiaomi application and paired and sychronised it from there.


Get it on Google Play

How to continously measure heart rate using Xiaomi Mi Band 1s and Mi Band 2 in Endomondo?

How to continously measure heart rate in Endomondo?

That was the first question I asked myself after unboxing Xiaomi Mi Band 1s. Short investigation shown there is no such possibility on the market at the moment. I also knew that band can measure heart rate. But not continously. So I decided to build such an app by myself.

It took some time to discover API. It was the hardest part of work.

There is the tutorial on how to connect Xiaomi Mi Band 2 with Endomondo on iOS.

Just follow these simple steps and get Your heart rate measurements in Endomondo:

The next video shows how Mi Heart Rate looked like in January, 2016. It describes the way to connect Xiaomi Mi Band 1s with Endomondo on iOS.

The only thing was obvious: IT WORKS!

Get Mi Heart Rate app from the Apple App Store:


Any feedback is appreciated.

ps: As one MI Heart Rate user noted, it may be Mi Heart Rate measuring heart rate in Endomondo with Mi Band 2 and Mi Band 1snot clear enough, what to do if after following the above steps You still do not Your heart rate in Endomondo in the workout screen.

Just tap on the type of information You see (duration, distance, etc.) and You will get the possibility to choose heart rate data in Your workout info.

Enjoy Your workouts and stay healthy!